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Bouquets with alstroemeria

The Alstroemeria also commonly called the Parrot Lilly, or Peruvian Lily is a south American flow with 50 different species of flowering blooms. At first glance, you can instantly notice that the Alstroemeria flower is very similar to the famous Lilium flower; this is because they’re from the same flower family.
The origin of the Alstroemeria comes from the mountain regions of Peru and Brazil. The flower was discovered in the 18th century by the Swedish people, which is how it was introduced to Europe. Soon after its introduction to the European region, it becomes a trendy flower due to its multitude of different colour variations and longevity.

As far as cut flowers go, Alstroemeria is a crowd-favorite - both for florists and flower lovers alike. With their beautiful, dramatic blooms and somewhat exotic appearance, it’s not hard to see why they’re such a popular bouquet flower. In addition to their interesting origin and symbolism, the Alstromeria flowers also have an impressive vase life, which is in fact one of the longest amongst cut flowers at just over 2 weeks!

These cherished flowers have a variety of meanings and symbolisms, depending on the colours of the blooms, and the country of origin. Alstroemerias are associated with a meaning of love, friendship, strength, and devotion. They also symbolise enduring friendship and mutual support, which makes them the perfect flower to gift to a friend. Each colour even has its own, deeper meaning.

White alstroemeria represent purity and spirituality

Yellow alstroemeria symbolises joy and happiness. Perfect to gift to friends on special occasions!

Orange alstroemeria is for a positive energy

Purple alstroemeria means uniqueness and elegance

Red and pink alstroemeria are a symbol of love and affection, a fitting gift for loved ones.

Alstroemeria is a surprisingly versatile flower, and pairs perfectly with most flowers, which is one of the reasons florists love to use them.
Some of our favourite flowers to pair with alstroemeria are roses, lisianthus, lilies, or seasonal flowers. With so many colours available, alstroemeria can be used in all seasons, and are the perfect flower to compliment any bouquet or arrangement!