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Arrangements with roses

The queen of flowers - the rose has always been a symbol of beauty, youth, and health. This royal flower has always held a special place in the hearts of people from ancient times to the present day and is the basis of various stories, legends, and stories.
This gift of nature - shy and quiet, pale or lushly colored, discreet and full of aroma, has spread its splendor across all latitudes for millennia. Roses have a long and colorful history as a symbol of love, war, beauty, and politics. According to fossils, the plant has existed for 35 million years, and the cultivation of the rose is believed to have begun 5,000 years ago in China.

The language of roses has a huge number of meanings in terms of shades and colors. You have probably wondered what bouquet to choose for the upcoming occasion. If you have decided on a beautiful arrangement or a bouquet of roses, but you are not sure which color would be appropriate for a particular case, we can take into account the symbolism of the color of roses, so as not to give the wrong signals or remain misunderstood. Of course, there are no written laws for this and it is always good to know the recipient's taste preferences but the symbolism of the colors would definitely help.

Red roses - a symbol of love and passion and admiration and respect! The bright colors of red and burgundy are strong indicators of full love and attraction. This hint of wishes is most often given to the beloved.
Pink roses - Femininity, elegance, and sweetness. These are the qualities that the pink rose has. Depending on the shade and saturation, the rose can symbolize different things, for example, the bright pink color can be presented with admiration and princesses, and the lighter ones - as a sign of tenderness, joy, happiness, and delicacy.
Peach roses - Suitable for expressing gratitude, especially after the conclusion of a successful business deal or fruitful cooperation. A symbol of sincerity and modesty, a suitable gift for a loved one as a sign of sympathy and support.
Yellow roses - This beautiful and bright shade is extremely suitable for a gift for a dear friend. A color for luck and confidence, a symbol of true friendship, warmth, and affection. For cheerful mood, happiness, and joy.
White roses - As with most white flowers, the white rose symbolizes purity, innocence, and youth. characterized by dedication, love, and loyalty.
Cream Rose - At the first sign, you might say that there is no difference between a white and cream rose, but the cream color infuses the rose with perfection, grace, and charm. It is a great gift for a loved one whom you care about very much.

In our flower shop, we offer a huge variety of roses with which we arrange beautiful bouquets and arrangements of fresh flowers and deliver them quickly and delicately to your loved ones.