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Bouquets with orchids

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    The nine muses | Boquet
    The nine muses | Boquet

    The nine muses | Boquet

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Orchids are truly special flowers. They can stand alone or add texture to a flower arrangement. They're available all year round and long-lasting enough to last both outdoor weddings which is only a bonus to their beauty.
If you want to leave a big impression on a special occasion, then a bouquet of orchids is the perfect choice for this purpose!
Trust our Top-Flowers team of florists and order flowers for a special occasion, and we guarantee to deliver them in the shortest possible time with the utmost care!

The meaning behind orchids

In the language of flowers, orchids show sophistication. These beautiful and fragrant flowers are gifts that we give to loved ones when we want to express our admiration. Their exotic appearance, delicate beauty, and rich variety of colors and shapes make them one of the most preferred flowers for all occasions.

Like any other flowering plant, orchids also symbolize different meanings and feelings.

According to Feng Shui, orchids with deep red flowers feed creative inspiration. They prompt a person to act and create artwork. In addition, in the language of flowers, such flowering plants mean love and union. In some countries, these orchids are usually given to extremely dear ones when we want to show love and attraction.
Like many other plants, white orchids symbolize purity, innocence, perfection, and elegance.
Orange, green, violet, or lilac orchids speak of gratitude. A bouquet of such flowers can be presented both to a business partner or colleague, or close friend.