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Bouquets with mini roses

Mini roses - the little sisters of the flower queens! If the rose is considered the queen of the garden, then the miniature rose is the princess.
Also known as spray roses, mini roses have been cultivated since ancient times. It is believed that the mini rose first appeared in China, and in the 19th century they were brought to Europe.

There's something about "mini" things that we love, and miniature roses certainly fall into that category. They make fun additions to all kinds of bouquets.

Each rose color means something different. For example, romantic roses are red - they symbolize love. Friendship roses are usually yellow, and white roses often symbolize purity, respect, or innocence. But there are no rules for sending roses, and you don't have to send always red or always white roses. Remember that bouquets of fresh flowers always make people happy!

There is a huge variety of mini roses, and Top-Flowers offer unique flower arrangements and bouquets of mini roses, which we deliver directly to your loved ones fast and delicately.
The delivery of flowers is fast and free, and the bouquets are always fresh and served with the greatest respect and a smile! :)))