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Arrangements with alstromeria

What a flower is alstroemeria

The flower Alstroemeria comes from faraway South America. Due to its beautiful and impressive colors, it is increasingly present as a complementary or main element in bouquets. It is suitable to give as a gift for any occasion - birthday or name day, graduating from high school or graduating from university, anniversaries or anniversaries. The alstroemeria flower is great if you want to take something more unfamiliar and break the cliché.
In recent years, it has definitely won the attention of florists and customers with its various ornaments, variegated with contrasting lines. In terms of color, you can find it mostly presented in the pink range. Of course, yellow, orange, white, and purple colors are also quite popular and liked.
The other name of alstroemeria is Peruvian lily, but it is less known in our country. Alstroemeria is a very delicate and fine-looking plant. Arranged in the right way, it forms an amazing individual bouquet. Among its advantages, we can undoubtedly point out its long life after cutting the flower. Alstroemerias grow in a vase with water for up to 3 weeks. In this way, they will be able to fully show all the brilliance that lies in them.

How alstroemeria is grown

The beautiful Peruvian lily is known to love countries with mild climates. It is grown in open ground without being taken out and covered during the cold months. He does not like strong winds but loves light. As a plant, alstroemeria grows rapidly in loose and fertile soil. It grows until the end of summer and needs regular but moderate watering. Its flowers are on average 4 cm long.

Baskets and pots with alstroemerias

These flowers are made of unique flower baskets and compositions with cut flowers. Depending on the customer's preferences, they can be arranged in simple and clean packages or non-standard ones. The price varies depending on the size but is usually between 50 and 150lv.
Alstroemeria gained great popularity with its entry as a flower on stalks. It comes in a wide range of colors. It is preferred because it is extremely durable.

By choosing an arrangement with alstroemeria, you are guaranteed to make the recipient inspired by the colorful colors for quite a long time.

The baskets and boxes that you will find in the online store top-flowers.com are made with great taste and attention to every detail. You can trust us completely and we will not let you down. Alstroemeria is one of the flowers we handle every day. We will take care that it reaches you fresh and charming as we know it!