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Bouquets with eustoma

The gentle Eustoma!

One of the brightest representatives of the plant world, and as the brightest, it is even taken literally, precisely because of its incredibly bright colors! Similar in appearance to roses, but without thorns, Eustomas has several names: Lisianthus, Chinese, Irish or French rose.

Eustomas flowers are extremely ethereal flowers, but their Latin name Lisianthus means "bitter flower". This phrase is completely objective because the flower contains various substances that give it a bitter taste and make the flower widely used in medicine.

The small and delicate Eustoma looks remarkably like unopened rosebuds. They come in one color or two colors, and their texture is smooth and velvety soft. In appearance, the petals are thin and delicate, like silk, and have an oval shape. The stem of the Eustoma is elegant and slender, and yet it supports many flowers on it.

The most common association with presenting Lisianthus is gratitude. It's the floral equivalent of saying "I appreciate you!".
Bouquets containing Eustoma are extremely numerous and our team at Top-Flowers loves to use them.
These incredibly ethereal flowers combine extremely well in a variety of bouquets and arrangements.

However, a classic bouquet of Eustoma is a great choice when you want to please a loved one with refined taste.

And if you are wondering how to present your favorite flowers, or you don`t have the physical opportunity to give them by yourself, we will deliver the flowers to your dear people delicately, quickly, and with great respect!