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Assumption of the Virgin Mary

Each year on August 15 thousands of people flock to the churches and monasteries bearing […]

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Saint Valeria and St. Theodotus

The holy women martyrs Kyriake, Kaleria /Valeria/, and Mary lived in Palestinian Caesarea during the […]

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Feast Day of Saints Peter and Paul

On the 29th of June, the Orthodox Church honors the memory of the holy apostles […]

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Enyovden! Midsummer’s Mystical Day in Bulgaria

On June 24 we celebrate an unusual day - Midsummer's Day, known in Bulgaria as […]

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Woman`s Day

This historic day celebrates the achievements of women around the world About International Women's Day […]

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Valentine`s Day

Every year on February 14, couples around the world take the time to spend it […]

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