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Tsvetnitsa | Flower`s Day | Palm Sunday

It is one of the most colorful spring holidays in the Bulgarian calendar - Flower`s Day - that is what […]

Lazarovden | St. Lazarus`s Day

St. Lazarus marks the beginning of the Easter holidays, followed by Tsvetnitsa /Palm Sunday/ and Easter. It is always celebrated […]

Todorovden | St. Theodore`s Day

Exactly 40 days before Easter, the Bulgarians pass on the legend of Saint Todor, who on this day puts on […]

St. Trifon’s Day | The Wine Holiday

St. Trifon’s Day, also known as Trifon Zarezan is a labor custom related to the first agriculture process in the […]

Babinden | Grandma’s Day

Grandma’s Day is a women's holiday that honors grandmothers - women who help in childbirth and who in the past […]

Ivanonvden | St. John’s Day

Ivanonvden is the next in a series of important dates that start the new year. In the old style, the […]

Jordan Day | Epiphany

Epiphany is one of the most solemn church holidays and is always celebrated on 6st of January. This day is […]

St. Basil's Day | Survaki

St. Basil's Day, Vasilitsa, or Survaki is a winter holiday known throughout the ethnic territory of Bulgarians. It is characterized […]

St. Stephen's Day

On December 27th we celebrate St. Stephen's Day. It is the third day of Christmas and the last holiday of […]


On December 20, the orthodox church honors the memory of Saint Ignatius, and the day is also known as Ignazhden […]

St. Nicholas of Myra

Nicholas Day is one of the most beloved winter holidays. The feast of fishermen, sailors, travelers and adventurers, and bankers. […]

St. Martyr Demetrios Mirotochets`s Day

Dimitrovsky month - that's how the tenth month of the year was once called. The name comes from Dimitrovden - […]

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