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      General conditions for the use of the e-shop www.top-flowers.com
      With the confirmation of an order in the online www.top-flowers.com system represent that you agree withthe terms and conditions for the sale of products by TF GROUP ltd. listed on this page.

      1. duties and additional payments.
      1.1When you purchase products from TF GROUP ltd., shown on www.top-flowers.com, you are obliged to payto the TF GROUP ltd. the value displayed on the product page as well as all transport costs for delivery to the address you requested or needed to get it from the company's Office.
      1.2upon payment by cash to the courier, advance payment through another system or transfer to a bankaccount or a microaccount agree to pay all charges on the value of the companies providing courierservices, banking institutions, or other systems used for payment of the products.
      1.3www.tflowers.eu/www.top-flowers.com prices are declared in Bulgarian Leva and with VAT included. If you pay by converting from another currency through services such as PayPal, E-Pay or credit card, any costs or losses associated with the conversion of the Bulgarian Lev to the currency in which you pay foryour account.

      2. the conditions for receipt of the products.
      2.1all products shown on the page www.top-flowers.com, you can get and place in store Top Flowers of address g. Sofia BUL. Vasil Levski 112, indicated on the contact page, but only if you have pre-order andconfirmation from our associate from no less than 3 hours before the desired time for the receipt of the products.
      2.2. to seamlessly deliver the orders within the stated addresses TF GROUP ltd. works with the courier company Econt Express, but reserves the right to replace a courier company with other shipping companies or not to use the services of these companies.
      2.3conditions of delivery and delivery prices are dictated by the conditions of the companies providingcourier services. If you would like to receive their products through another kind of mailing service for youraccount and on your own responsibility, you can contact us through phone call to clarify details of the dispatch.
      2.4. TF GROUP ltd. is not liable for delays in deliveries due to natural disasters, a series of festive holidays, delays in the logistics, depending on the companies providing shipping services, erroneous data for delivery by the recipient and/or the inability of courier to meet with the recipient.


      2.5a requirement on your part is to provide complete and accurate information about the recipient's address as well as phone/e-mail for relationship with him and you.


      2.6in case of absence of the recipient at the address at the agreed time the shipment can be delivered to a colleague (at delivery in the Office, store, etc.)relative (in the case of delivery at home), reception (upon delivery at) and in the absence of an option for delivery package will be returned.

      3. conditions for work with the site.
      3.1to order goods and products from the pages of www.top-flowers.com need to provide a valid e-mail address and a contact telephone number and your full name and ID NUMBER for issuing an invoice to a natural person or company registration information for issuing an invoice to the company. This information will not be shared with third parties, but may be made available to the authorities when legal requirements.Email addresses may be used for the notification of changes to the functionality of the site, in the event of serious changes in the product range or for administrative messages.
      3.2in the process of purchases or through a link with the www.top-flowers.com team that you can obtainyour personal information. In the interest of good practice and with a view to their protection, we do notkeep a database of them, with the exception of those included in the purchase documents according to the requirements of the current legislation of the Republic of Bulgaria.
      3.3www.tflowers.eu/www.top-flowers.com team is doing everything possible to work as best as possible, but is not responsible for any temporary or permanent lack of access to it. Disable access to the page maylead to an inability for the submission or execution of contracts by www.tflowers.eu/www.top-flowers.com.
      3.4There are problems when you perform some of the functions of pages. If you believe in any of your actions on the site you have found an error, you can let us know via phone call on 0887 727 474.

      4. Returns


      4.1According to a BROTHER-IN-LAW and the CPA have a right to return the goods within 7 days and you will be refunded the full amount you paid, without shipping costs and costs associated with the method of payment, as well as those to insure the product if you have had any. Your obligations in relation to thoselaws require to care for slick presentation and package (packaging, accessories, instructions) of the purchased product.
      4.2Allowed and returns of products where the defects are revealed before the contract for sale or are the consequence of the actions of the staff of TF GROUP ltd..
      4.3. Claims brought due to actions or omissions of the client or the receiver will not be considered and TP Group Ltd./TOP Flowers ® Do not bear financial responsibility.
      4.4. TP Group Ltd/TOP Flowers ® is not responsible and will not refund the full amount paid by the customers in cases where the recipients categorically refuse to accept the shipment. In these cases, the customer has the right to redirect the shipment to another address, to receive his order in one of our stores or to receive partial reimbursement (from the sum of all transport costs, costs of preparing the contract, costs Related to the payment and any possible losses of the flowers used in the model).

      4.5 returns are entitled to bring only the sender (customer) on a particular order, claims from third parties will not be taken into account.

      4.6 In the case of a short-lived product (bouquet, arrangement, basket, etc.) and unable to be delivered to the specified address or other specified by the sender or consignee, will be returned to our shop for the stay. In case of re-delivery the item will not be replaced by a new one and the team of TP Group Ltd will not be responsible for the freshness of the possible re-delivery.

      4.7 In case the payment is made with a bank card, the refund is made to a specified by the client bank account in the currency "Bulgarian Lev" to 3 (three) days. 

      4.8 In case the payment is made through payment systems EPay, EasyPay, PayPal, bank transfer, cash on delivery, the payment will be reimbursed on the way back of payment within 3 (three) days.


      4.9 In case of an individual order made by a customer, paid or kapariranaed with a specified date for delivery and subsequently denied the requested flowers unused or scrapped due to inactivity of the client, TP Group Ltd is not obligated to reimburse The amount paid by the client, according to the individual case and at the discretion of the employee in TP Group Ltd can be made partial reversal of the amount paid, by deducting all transport costs, costs of storage based and the cost of the destroyed or Neuzpozlvaemi items.

      5. Materials of the site
      5.1all articles and other materials on this page are subject to copyright according to the law on copyright of RB and belong to TF GROUP ltd..
      5.2all or most material on the pages of www.top-flowers.com are publicly available and can be distributedand copied freely provided that it be published a link to the original material without tags likenoindex/nofollow.
      5.3photos of the products published in the shop of www.tflowers.eu/www.top-flowers.com are subject to copyright and may not be distributed, copied or published without permission from the authors site.

      6. products and their description

      6.1. all photographs of products published on the online platform www.top-flowers.com are indicative anddo not guarantee 100 percent identity of the ordered product, one that is used for the sample, but areobligated to be with maximum precision and similarity.

      6.2every constituent of the published here products (www.tflowers.eu/www.top-flowers.com) is subject to change in case of absence in the commercial site, for which you will be informed in advance by our representative.

      7. amendment of the terms
      Modification or replacement of these conditions by the TF GROUP ltd. has the strength for the parties to thecontract of sale, concluded before the amendment or substitution of the general terms and conditions, ifthe duties of either party are not met in full at the time of the amendment or the substitution of the General conditions, if the purchaser has stated in writing within five days of receipt of notice of the seller for the amendment or the substitution of the general terms and conditionsHe rejects the modification orreplacing them.

      General terms and conditions, version 1.01, 29.07.2011, with amendments by 11.06.2018 to version 1.06

      The holder of the e-shop:

      Company: TF GROUP ltd
      VAT: 203 807 079

      Mole: Lubomir Kamenov

      Location: Sofia, bul Vasil Levski 112
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