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3 pcs. Antirrhium

1 piece. Lilium

3 pcs. Chrysanthemum

Greenery according to the season

Small decorative wicker basket

Piaflora Oasis Max for maximum freshness and durability

Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 30 × 40 cm

"Aromasense " is a delicate basket of aromatic flowers, which will enchant every lover of the delicate range of colors and flowers. Lilium is one of these flowers. Captivates with an extremely strong aroma, and the combination of Antirrhinum and chrysanthemums gives the basket a real delicacy and tenderness. The seasonal greenery with which it is decorated makes it lush and impressive.
Suitable arrangement for occasions such as wedding, baptism, newborn baby, name, or birthday.
Well, without a doubt it is a suitable gift offer when you want to show your love and gratitude...

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