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      It is always a difficult start, but thanks to our well-organized team and the support of friends, partners and especially our families, we continue to enforce our standards. For more than 10 years we have been creating and delighting you and your loved ones, because for us this is the most important thing. During this time we managed to gain the trust and respect of thousands of satisfied customers, build a stable network of partners, offer non-standard offers and items, our prices to be accessible to everyone and pay special attention to you - our customers so that you always feel welcome to us and be more than a customer! We are happy to boast of successfully realized projects! The most important so far is an online shopping system www.top-flowers.com we prepare many more interesting offers, follow our development... and we will be glad to be part of it .


      Our team consists of young and enterprising people, ready to cope in any situation with a smile. For us, the most important thing is that you - our customers and friends, feel special and forget about the negatives in everyday life. As your interest in us increases, we are constantly accepting new members in our family. Special thanks to the main culprits for this colorful fairy tale and all friends, colleagues, customers and our families who continue to give us their support:


      Manager: Lubomir Kamenov

      Chief Arranger: Raina Banova

      Arrangers: Teodora Raykova, Raya Popovska

      Web arranger:

      Logistics & Supplies: Daniel Dimitrov

      Photograph: Rayna Banova, Magdanella Dudova, Lubomir Kamenov

      Office assistant:


      Our goals From the very beginning, when Top Flowers Flower Flower Flower And Gift Shop opened, we set our goals and ways to achieve them. They were and will continue to be the basis of Top Flowers ... and the foundations laid so far are also the backbone of TF Group and all new projects in our family! To become one of the most accessible places to donate colorful smiles! Let us enjoy you constantly with the variety of nature! To have the freshest ideas to please your loved ones and most important people for you through us! To provide you with the best prices with the best quality! Let's pay special attention to you so that you feel great with us! Be flexible and adaptable to deliver the best you need!



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