• Terms of delivery

      Deadlines and delivery of products from the pages of www.top-flowers.com

      01. Delivery by courier Top Flowers is free and only in the town of city Sofia


      The delivery for the town of Sofia is completely free of charge, provided that the order amount is over 50.00 BGN.


      Orders outside our working hours will be processed the next day, which may result in a delay if a fixed time is specified.


      Deliveries for the town of Sofia are performed according to the opening hours of the Top Flowers store /opening hours/


      Free delivery intervals: 09:00-18:00


      Fixed intervals: All fixed intervals are paid and with a fixed value of BGN 3.00. All fixed spaces are in a range of 120 minutes


      *The specified intervals have a tolerance of +/- 30 minutes at the free intervals and +/- 15 minutes at the fixed ones.

      *Top Flowers ®/ TF Group Ltd. / TF GROUP 2009 Ltd. is not responsible for delays due to natural disasters, accidents, extremely heavy traffic due to weather conditions, inaccurate delivery data, delays by the recipients.

      *Top Flowers ®/ TF Group EOOD / TF GROUP 2009 Ltd. is not responsible for the refusal of the recipient to accept the shipment


      02. Overtime delivery by courier Top Flowers for the city of Sofia


      Intervals from 07:00 to 10:00 and from 22:00-00:00


      Price 25.00 BGN


      It is mandatory to contact us in advance for clarification of the interval you want


      The service will not be active for February 14th and March 8th


      03. Delivery with shipping company Econt Express for ALL OVER THE COUNTRY


      Deliveries to the country are executed according to the schedule specified by Econt Express

      Deliveries run from Tuesday to Saturday inclusive

      In order for delivery to be possible, we need to have an order placed at the earliest on the previous business day until 14:00.

      Deliveries to the country are not possible on public holidays, Sunday and Monday, as well as express for the same day of request

      *The deadlines for the country are within the next business day, provided that the order is made and paid at least within the previous business day (except for deliveries on holidays and small settlements served on a schedule).

      *Delivery intervals range from 09:00 to 18:00 from Tuesday to Friday. For Saturday, deliveries are made at the latest until 14:00.

      *Top Flowers / TF Group EOOD / TF GROUP 2009 Ltd. is not responsible for inaccurate data, refusal of the recipient to accept the shipment, damage of the shipment due to inability of the recipient to accept

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