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172.00 лв.

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  • 3 stems of roses
  • 6 stems of spray roses
  • 3 stems of eustoma
  • 4 stems of alstroemeria
  • 2 shades of orchids
  • Seasonal greens
  • Large woven basket adorned with natural moss
  • Piaflora Oasis MaxLife specially designed for longer freshness
  • Please note that the basket is wrapped in NATURAL moss! Small gaps in coverage and shedding may occur as it dries and is touched. This is completely natural and untreated material!
Weight 7.00 kg

We create for you an 🌿 exceptional journey into the world of natural elegance with our incredible basket of fresh flowers. This is not just a basket – it's a handcrafted work of art, inspired by nature and dressed in beauty. 🎨✨

With the handwoven basket, adorned with delicate tufts of natural forest moss, we create a unique texture play and infuse organic charm into this arrangement. This delicate combination of materials gives the basket an exceptional visual aspect and a sense of closeness to nature. 🌱🍃

In the colors woven into this tempting composition, there's a whole palette of emotions. From the deep and rich tones of roses and eustoma to the refined nuances of orchids – each color conveys its unique story and feeling. 🌷🌸🌺

This basket is created to bring joy and beauty to your space. It's suitable for various occasions – from special events and romantic dinners to family gatherings and a gift for a loved one. But its impact doesn't end with the moment – the dried decorations, pinecones, and greens ensure the beauty continues, introducing elements of nature into your home. 🌼🌿🎁

Furthermore, this basket will undoubtedly be the talk of the evening. With its natural elements, inspiration from nature, and exquisite design, it combines a sense of adventure and style. 🌟🌳

With our basket of fresh flowers, you're not just giving a gift – you're giving an experience. This arrangement is our poetic feedback to nature, an expression of the beauty and inspiration it can bring. 🌷🍃🎉

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