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      Every delivery for a personal occasion must be executed in a perfect way, because every personal occasion is important!

      We at Top Flowers specialize in the delivery of flowers to the final customer. We have experience for more than 10 years and over 25,000 successfully delivered bouquets, arrangements and baskets of fresh flowers. In our porfolio are inserted numerous important events, weddings and individual requests of specific plants, landscaping of offices, houses, restaurants and other types of objects. The experience gained behind us is the most important advantage. Our KNOW-HOW has been built for years and is developing daily so that we can offer the best service in this field. Our florists are some of the best and most creative in this industry and for this very reason, the items we offer are unique and refined to the last detail. We have built a stable partner network, both from flower producers and importers, which guarantees the maximum freshness of each stalk or flower in a pot. Just trust the professionals and be sure of the quality of our services and flowers! 


      Flower delivery


      In these hectic days, the online flower ordering service is becoming more popular, not only for the city of Sofia, but also for the whole country. This is a great facility for everyone whose daily life is hectic and busy. The delivery of flowers to Sofia is fast and free of charge over a certain amount. The online order takes only a few minutes, and the process is maximally optimized.

      To make sure you get the most beautiful flowers for the occasion, browse the site and choose those plants that make you smile the widest. We will deliver them to you in a short time and in excellent condition.

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