• Discounts, promotions, customer groups and one-time discount coupons

      Dear customers and friends, from 17.08.2020 new rules for discounts, discount codes and customer groups will apply in the online store Top Flowers. On this page you will be able to get acquainted in detail with all the details, available promotions and loyalty programs.

      00. Important for the customers used so far the so-called PROMO CODES.

      Please send us a letter at office@top-flowers.com with the title PROMO CODES.As the contents of the letter, please note the email address with which you have registered with us, the discount code used so far and, if possible, the number of the last order placed. We'll review your account and make the necessary adjustments if you're part of one of the LOYALTY groups.Thank you for your understanding and we will be waiting for you!

      01. PROMO CODES

      Promo codes will be received under certain conditions. Each promo code received will be single and will not be able to be reused.Their values will take the form of a percentage discount. All PROMO CODES apply even to already discounted items!


      Our loyalty groups are 3 types.Percentage ratios are GROUP 1 - 5% , GROUP 2 - 10% and GROUP 3 - 15% respectively.When your account is moved to one of these groups, your discount will be calculated automatically when you reach the CART step.These discounts are valid even for already reduced items!


      Our exclusive promotions will only be directed to registered customers. When you log in to the system, if there is an EXCLUSIVE PROMOTION on a given day, you will see a banner on our homepage that will indicate for which item groups we have an ongoing share. Your discount will be automatically generated when you add an item from the selected category and reach the CART step. The banner will be visible only to registered customers!


      One-time coupons will have a fixed price value. They can be applied to all items and the code is displayed in the PROMO CODES field. These codes are obtained at the discretion of our employees and do not have a time limit for use. These codes also apply to already discounted items!

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