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Subscription | Daily flower delivery

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Please read the ordering conditions of this item carefully at the bottom of the page.

Subscription period:

3 days, 4 days, 5 days, 6 days, 7 days

Daily budget:

50.00 BGN, 70.00 BGN, 90.00 BGN, 110.00 BGN, 130.00 BGN


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Dear clients,

This product is designed specifically for people who appreciate the power of flowers.

Here are the brief terms for this service:

  • You specify how many days this subscription should be: 3 days, 4 days, 5 days, 6 days, 7 days
  • You determine the daily budget: 50.00 BGN, 70.00 BGN ,90.00 BGN,110.00 BGN, 130.00 BGN.

* In case you want to take advantage of a subscription for a different number of days or different from the specified budgets, you need to contact us: +359 (0) 884829368 or [email protected]

Why should you choose a subscription?

By choosing such a service you get:

  • Every day a unique bouquet or arrangement with the freshest flowers available!
  • Each of your deliveries will be a priority for us, we will fulfill a priority hour without paying extra.
  • With each of your orders you will receive a gift card of the sizes TFA and NTFA from photo paper (card category)
  • Depending on the selected budget and duration of the subscription, we provide you with percentage discounts up to 15% of the amount paid!

How will you choose the desired flowers, packaging, bouquet or arrangement, color scheme and so on? When to start the subscription? Text for my card? And in what time range will the deliveries be made?

Additional guidelines:

  • Use our platform to specify the first delivery date. Depending on the subscription service, we will make deliveries on consecutive days from the specified date.
  • You can describe the type of flowers in the note or contact us for clarification. Our operators will pass the information to our florists.
  • You can save a time interval in the note to your order or specify again through our operators. The information will be passed on to the couriers. (deliveries in the country have specifics, confirmation from our employee is required)
  • You can again specify text in the card in the "text for card" section of the platform. Indicate for which day you want the specific texts and we will prepare them! You can also send us photos for card with individual design .