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Crimson sun


3 pcs. eustoma
1 pc. chrysanthemum
2 pcs. alstroemeria
3 pcs. hypericum
2 pcs. mini roses
1 pc. Wanda orchid
Greens according to the season
Decorations according to availability
Decorative pan
Piaflora Oasis Max - for long-lasting freshness of the flowers

Dimensions 40 × 25 cm

Colors and fragrance! A real delight for the senses! Fresh eustoma, alstroemerias, chrysanthemums, mini roses and the beautiful orchid Wanda, carefully arranged in a decorative forest moss pan
Contrasting colors of fresh flowers, great for occasions like birthday, name day, anniversary, baptism, gift for a man, or just when you want to make a loved one happy!
Purple flowers in a combination of yellow and red, for contrast and a memorable experience.