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Celine | Arrangement

149.00 лв. 141.55 лв.

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3 pcs. Rose

3 pcs. Mini roses

3 pcs. Eustoma

3 pcs. Tulip

2 pcs. Lilium

2 pcs. Chrysanthemum

3 pcs. Decorative hearts

Greens according to the season

Decorative gift bag

Piaflora Oasis Max for maximum freshness and longevity of flowers

Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 40 × 55 cm

Lush and extremely lovable flower arrangement with classic red roses, fragrant and very long-lasting Lilium, delicate mini roses, fresh chrysanthemums, and delicate tulips. With such a fragrant gift, you will undoubtedly delight your loved one both for Valentine's Day and for a special occasion.
Trust our team of florists and leave your message and we will deliver. 🙂

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