• Basket 101 alstromeria

      An attractive and very colorful basket of 101 sticks alstromerii. The diameter of this basket bypassed 110 cm. and the height is about 60-70 cm.
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      428 BGN
      299 BGN

      7 PCs. Red Roses

      Natural Moss

      Leaves of green kordeline

      Green according to the season

      Drier decorations according to availability

      Sponge piaflora MaxLife OASIS


      ! Remarks

      There are possible substitutions of greens and materials

      Possible substitutions in the color gamut

      Express orders of this bouquet are not possible

      The item is delivered in Sofia


      ! Approximate dimensions

      Height: 60 cm. Diameter: 110 cm.

      On the territory of the town of Sofia we deliver with personal couriers


      01. The delivery of flowers in Sofia is free upon request of an item over 50.00 BGN

      (for items below this value, a delivery price is set in the quoted sales price)


      02. We deliver at the following free intervals:

      * 09:00-18:00


      03. We deliver at the following paid intervals:

      * 10:00-12:00

      * 12:00-14:00

      * 14:00-16:00

      * 16:00-18:00

      * 18:00-20:00


      ! Paid intervals are at a fixed value of 3.00 BGN.

      ! Permissible delays per fixed hour + / - 15 min. for free internal + / - 30 min

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